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Funding Objectives

The foundation’s objectives in making grants are to assist institutions in supporting more effective teaching and learning and/or controlling costs. The foundation operates two grant programs. Implementation Grants represent the original grantmaking program and are available for any of the foundation's objectives - teaching and learning and/or cost and affordability. The Presidential Grant Program (see tab on menu bar) was more recently introduced as an entry point for addressing cost and affordability objectives.

Implementation Grants

Examples of funded projects include:

  • Projects that improve the curriculum, the learning environment, assessment of undergraduate learning outcomes, faculty development, incentive systems, and administrative structures. Preference is given to projects aimed at strengthening the general education core of the undergraduate experience.
  • Individual as well as collaborative efforts among colleges and universities to reduce costs and improve learning.
  • Studies and planning efforts central to the foundation’s concerns and interests.

Endowments, scholarships, internships, and capital campaign requests are not eligible for funding.

Please see the Grant History page on this site for a searchable listing of funded projects. Also see the Frequently Asked Questions page and the budget preparation notes attached to the proposal application for additional information about funding criteria and preferences.