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Presidential Grant Program

Presidential Grant Program

First announced in May of 2015, the Presidential Grant Program seeks to assist college and university leaders in laying the foundation for campus-specific or collaborative initiatives to redesign ongoing practices with intent to contain cost increases and improve college affordability. 

Two Levels of Funding 

Level One -- up to $2,500 for first-step awareness building activities that broadly engage the campus community. 

Level Two -- up to $10,000 for follow-up or longer term, deeper exploration or pilot initiatives. 

The maximum grant term is one year.

Examples of funded projects:

  • Exploration and implementation of accelerated degree programs
  • Administrative or academic restructuring
  • Financial and economic literacy programs
  • Curricular efficiency surveys
  • Institutional strategic planning 

See the Foundation's grant history search page for a complete listing of Presidential and Implementation Grants addressing cost and student affordability.

Use of Funds

  • Collect, prepare and present campus data and related information to create greater awareness among faculty, staff and administrators of the current status and trends regarding institutional finances, student affordability and related trends
  • Hire a consultant or facilitator 
  • Convene a task force or committee(s) around alternative approaches to administrative, student and/or academic delivery, including open educational resources and text books
  • Conduct a retreat for senior administrators and trustees
  • Convene potential collaborating institutions to explore administrative practices, student support, and/or academic cost saving initiatives.

To apply please email ([email protected]) a letter from the President that includes a statement of institutional intent, a brief description of current capacity and activities planned to close the gap between the two. Please include an anticipated timeframe for funded activity. A detailed budget is not required with the submission. We will, however, ask you to explain how the funds were spent, what results you attained after completion of funded activities, and what you learned that might benefit other institutions.