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Presidential Grant Program Eligibility & Application


Eligible institutions include all four-year public and private, non-profit baccalaureate granting institutions based in New England. Current grantees are eligible for Presidential Grants.

The Presidential Grant Program exists alongside the Foundation's implementation grants for its teaching and learning and cost-containment objectives. Funding through the Presidential Grant program does not affect eligibility for teaching and learning grants or future larger scale cost-containment grants. 

To Apply

Send a letter of no more than two pages describing proposed activities, timeframe, anticipated outcome, requested amount and project leader. Projects must address cost containment and student affordability. Please see the program description page for examples of eligible projects.

Institutions successfully completing Level One grants will be eligible to apply for follow-up Level Two grants. Campuses that have already engaged their community around this topic may apply for Level Two funding. 

Funding decisions are made on a monthly basis for requests received by the first day of the month.